Hi, I’m Mikee.

I recently graduated from UST with a degree in AB Communication Arts. To date, I am jobless, or as people would call it, I’m still “soul searching” and “taking a rest”. I made this blog since a lot of people are asking what have I been up to, where have I been and what my plans are. This will serve as an extension of my mind, an outlet.

I call myself a jet setter, a backpacker and a globetrotter. Or so I think.

I started off with the hot springs of Laguna, the cool breeze of Tagaytay and the beaches of Batangas. My grandparents took me to weekend trips I so dearly loved. Aboard a plane to Davao for a writing seminar which prohibited me from exploring the place (I was a senior in high school), I promised myself I would come back. And I did. Just not the next flight after.

I am a fan of seat sales and I swear by waiting for the strike of midnight to get the best deal. I booked my first flight to Cebu and haven’t stopped since. Beaches are my sanctuaries, sandbars are my idea of a paradise. Just like any traveler, I dream of setting foot to countries I can’t even pronounce right.

Join me as I embark on an adventure on corporate mayhem while boarding on planes on the weekends.


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