How can I be so in love with an island?

Camiguin’s White Island is so beautiful, it hurts. The journey to the island was long, but the view did not disappoint. All our butt hurt and fare money didn’t matter the moment we laid eyes on this beauty. Upon seeing the island for the first time from our motor boat, I was close to tears, I’m not even kidding. Seeing something so divine and perfect made me realize that there’s just too much the world has to offer. White Island is painstakingly beautiful.

The island is literally paradise. Powder fine sand, pristine waters. To top it all off, privacy.

We took photos to our hearts’ content! Who said travelling in two’s would limit your photo taking? You can always ask around for locals’ help!

But travelling in two’s has its downside: high travel cost. While in the ferry, we made friends with this family. They agreed to share tour cost with us! It was a huge savings on our part. Instead of the tour divided in two, it got divided by six! Multicabs are the mode of transportation for tourist tours. It’s always nice to meet travelers along the way.

While in the island, locals offered us sea urchins! Being the adventurers that we are, we took the challenge. Sea urchins actually taste… nice and okay?

The family we went with to the island had to leave, as they need to get back to Cagayan de Oro the same night. We decided to stay in the island and devour its beauty! Even the low tide can’t stop us from admiring.

And what perfect sunset this is! It’s different from the usual array of colors we see, but how lovely this sunset is.

White Island still haunts me in my dreams. I swear, this is one of the few places I would invest going back to.


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