Nothing to be scared of

When you think of Cagayan de Oro, what do you associate it with? My parents think of Mindanao. And when you think of Mindanao, you think of dangerous NPAs, bomb scares, in short, chaos. You don’t think of the awesome people, the pristine beaches, that enthralling white water rafting experience.

But you should.

We were this close to not pushing through with this trip because our parents were too scared to let us go. Not that we don’t value their concern, we do. It’s just that there really are risks when travelling and you just have to pray you don’t encounter them. Of course, with the right ways to not end up hurt or dead in the process.

But being adventure-hungry that we are, off to Cagayan de Oro we went.

Unfortunately, Pam was not able to come with us. Don’t worry, we saved you a seat!

There are not a lot of fancy places to eat so instead, we had barbecue for lunch in this place called Steve’s. Super affordable!

And now the most awaited activity in Cagayan de Oro, white water rafting! We availed the advanced course from Kagay. It almost took us 4 hours to finish the course. So fun!

We stayed at St. Nicolas Inn for the night as we were bound for Camiguin the next day. We didn’t really have an itinerary until that morning since we were not even sure we’re going. We initially booked two nights but this guy gave us a full refund upon telling him we had a change of plans. It was then that I started to love CDO’s people.

Yay for backpacker inns! (Pardon the mess)

Day 1 breakdown of expenses:

Shuttle fare from Laguindingan airport to city proper – 250

Lunch at Steve’s (for 2) – 193

Kagay white water rafting – 1,000

Dinner at Cora’s (for 2) – 375

St. Nicolas Inn – 700

= 1,884 each (!!!)

March 29-31, 2014


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