I do not, at all, celebrate Halloween. The last eighteen halloweens have been spent under sheets in horror. But this year’s different, me putting a brave face on.

I didn’t really plan on going to this party since I hate dressing up, much more dressing up in a costume. But my good friend, Jp, made me change my mind. He mentioned crap about this being the last halloween we will have as free bitches, so how could you say no to that?

I planned on… What did I plan to be? I just put on a plain black dress, a pair of sturdy boots and a coat to top it all off. I was planning to go with cracks on my face with the help of some face paint they purchased last minute but Vincent is a divine artist. I was even planning to buy a magnifying glass to go as a detective. Lame!

Kudos to Styles, Status Magazine and of course, Jose Cuervo for this awesome event!

How awesome is my face paint? Thanks, Vincent!

Sick beats by this guy, Rammy Bitong.

Credits to this awesome guy for these awesome photos!


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