The rest of the Cebu trip (because this is long overdue)

3 months have passed, I guess. This deserves to be posted.

We went to Bantayan Island on our second day (almost the whole duration of our trip, actually). I forgot how much the transportation costed us but it sure was worth it. If a 4-hour bus ride and an hour of ferry boat and an hour of jeepney is the only cost, I’m happy to pay to go back to this paradise.

Everything (except fares) sponsored by the Samson/Magno family.

Photo flood:

First stop: Madridejos Kota Park.

Too chicken to reach the end of the bridge, I had to go back. Stones had gaps too large for me to cross. I was actually scared for my camera, not myself.

What filled our tummies in the morning.

Ah, Bantayan Island Nature Park Resort. Be sure to drop by once you’re in the island. 200+php entrance fee is worth every cent. You get to enjoy almost every perk in the park.

Cave pool! I was literally dumbfounded once I set my eyes on this beaut.

Sugar beach. Can you believe that the entrance here is less than a hundred bucks?!

Travel buddies for life!

The rest of the gang.

Time to say goodbye to the paradise.

‘Till next seatsale!


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