Greatest sembreak starter!

This was a trip longer than most of my trips. 3D3N from my usual 2D3N. Not bad, huh? First off, we were a group of 11 broke college kids who just wanted their fair share of the beach. And surely, Boracay did not disappoint. We got our plane tickets from seat sales (as I always do!). We came in 3 different flights. Our tickets roughly cost us 1,500php.


We stayed at Agos Rooms + Beds. We (I) chose this over a dozen other choices because it was a newly built property and the photos on their facebook were really inviting. Plus we were flat broke. It wasn’t a beachfront hotel. It was situated on the highway, a 5-minute walk from D’Mall. Definitely enjoyed our stay! In fact, I booked my lola a room for summer. I wasn’t able to take photos of the hotel because I didn’t really plan on blogging this trip. Haha! For more details, visit their Facebook page here.

We got our transfers from Southwest Tours Boracay Inc. Such wonderful service.

Waiting for 3 more who were still in Manila. (Sheila took the photo)image

Oh you know, Jammers. They serve really good burgers! Well I enjoyed my fish burger. Again, no photos ‘cause you know.image

We didn’t really plan this trip, just bought plane tickets and book hotels and transfers were all we did. So when we got to the island, we didn’t have an itinerary. On our first night, we looked for a deal for island activities that’s right for our budget. You could easily haggle so never settle fast. No thanks to Kuya Christian, we got our deal (which is a different story).imageimageimageimageimageimage

Go to Puka beach! While the sand’s not that fine, enjoy the beach with less people. Rent the whole tricycle (can carry 6 passengers) and pay 150php. Not sure how much they charge individually.imageimageimage

Complimentary breakfast at Smoke Resto KDSP. They have 3 branches in the island. Agos doesn’t have complimentary breakfast but be sure to mention it. Pusher at its best.image

Happy hour at Bamboo Lounge! Get local beers at 50% off (40php each bottle) and 10% off on cocktails.image

Third day is for more activities! Due to unfortunate turn of events, only 6 of us were able to go to the second day for activities. Yay for parasailing, flyfish and banana boat!imageimageimage

We had dinner at Golden Cowrie on our last night. Yummy Filipino food!image

Looking at our photos now, it felt like it was one short trip. But it’s not the length of the trip that matters. It’s the memories that stay with you. Chos.

Looking forward to another trip with you guys!


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