And another! Cebu Day 1

This was not the itinerary we planned. But due to Bohol’s earthquake, we had to make a few adjustments.

I just love seat sales. In fact, I subscribe to them. My email get flooded with them and I ain’t complaining. Got this seat for not more than 700php, I think. Thank you Cebu Pacific’s piso sale (wherein you have to wait a year before the flight can happen)! I even felt generous and gave 2 of my friends tickets as their debut gifts. Hahaha yabang.

So anyway, we decided to push through with the trip despite our mothers frantically stopping us. Unfortunately for Margaret and Jeanne, they weren’t able to come.


Hello Marga and Jeanne! This is what you missed!

We didn’t book any hotels or transfers because Cebu is the Magnos’ hometown. This is what welcomed us for breakfast:imageNotice the blur? That’s the type of photo you get when you’re hungry.

And what we had for lunch:image

I can’t thank this family enough! Haha.


We slept ‘till the afternoon because we had no sleep at all from the previous night. At night, we went hotel hopping. Hotel lobby hopping, that is!

We were supposed to go to Tops wherein you can see Cebu City from a hill lol but we ended up not going because there might be landslides. Better safe than sorry!

First stop: Chateau de Busay


Next stop: Marco Polo Plaza Cebuimage

Definitely enjoyed this lobby the most: Waterfront Hotel and Casino.imageimage



Capped our day off with doughnuts and tea because tomorrow is going to be a long day!image


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